Paper Window

Live animation with interactive performance

Award :

  • 2012 World Puppetry Congress(Chengdu in China) _ ‘Excellent Visual Effect’!
  • 2009 Seoul Children’s Theatre Award _’The Best Performance by Audience!’
  • 2010 Gimcheon National Theater Festival For Family_ ‘The Excellent Actor!’

Official Invitation :

  • International Puppet Theater Festival / Theatre Festival for Children & Young (Argentina, Romania, India, Korea, Turkey, Israel, Singapore, China)

[Main Concept]

> “A man jumping into the real drawing and the fantastic journey!” -<Paper Window> integrates performance with multimedia painting > “Integration between digital & analog, theatre & drawing, stage & audience!”

> “Experience program gives the audience a special moment for dream world!” - Audience makes this performance with their own doing “Painting is so difficult and boring art for understanding?” - Absolutely easy and funny world of drawing

What happens if I jump into a painting?

A banana becomes a parachute; a spiral of stairs that ends with a surprise; a giant hand appears out of nowhere!

With a live video backdrop, a magical sketchbook comes to life through the real-time actions of the performer, the drawings of a painter, and audience participation by young and old alike.

This unique work has been invited to different International performing arts festivals with notable prizes


‘Paper Window’ comprises of 3 story chapters. The Spot, The Lines and The Strange Stairs, with an interactive segment which happens in between chapters known as “Snack Time”, where food items are transformed into funny pictures by the painter and the actor. The last part of the performance involves audience members coming up to the screen to interact and become part of the live artwork!

▶ PART 1. PERFORMANCE (40 min.)

S#1 <The Spot>

A black spot is drawn by a giant’s hand on the face of a performer. This is just a small spot but it becomes a mosquito that bothers him and many kinds of balls that he plays with. This scene shows you spectacular and funny activities, so the audience is captured with his eyes by them.

S#2 <The Lines>

S#1 is based on a kind of dynamic sensation but S#2 is somehow silent. All the objects come with curved or straight lines to the performer and the audience. And they will give them very special vision. The lines press down, hit and tie the guy and these activities make the audience remind some kind of human’s inner pressure. The lines give us so stable feelings but sometime they get a color of fear.

S#3 <The Strange stairs>

The painting and the performing make various visions in harmony. A guy is going up the stairs of which we can’t see the end. Finally he reaches the top and meets embarrassing situations. What will happen to him?

S#4 <The Snack times>

Between S#1 and S#2 / S#2 and S#3, the painter is providing with his drawings for everybody. He draws with foodstuffs on his papers which are in front of digital camera, and they are taken by camera to the big screen on stage in real-time, so everybody can enjoy funny and fantastic paintings which are transformed from the foodstuffs themselves. All the stuffs like bananas, sweet potatoes are born again by the painter’s hands and they will give you unusual experiences and so delicious snacks totally different from the original.

▶ PART 2. Audience Making the Show! (20 min.)

The audience stands on the painter’s table for themselves and make 3 different kinds of improvisation dramas by the help of giant’s(painter’s) hands