Giant’s Table

Live animation with interactive performance


  • 2012 Seoul Children’s Theater Awards in Korea (‘The Best Production’! ‘The Best Performer’! ‘The Best Audience Award’!)

Official Invitation!

  • 2013 OSAKA Intenational Art Festival for Kids ‘Tact-Fest’ (JAPAN)
  • 2014 KAOHSIUNG Children’s Art Education Festival (TAIWAN)
  • 2015 ISTANBUL International Puppet Festival (TURKEY)
  • 2018 BANGKOK, Korean Cultural Center(THAILAND)
  • 2019 SINGAPORE Flipside Festival in Esplanade

[Main Concept]

Such a Fantasy, the usual is changed into unusual things with getting bigger like a huge house! Audience Making the Show! – the performer and the audience together make an improvisation drama!

‘Giant’s Table’, a video-objet show, transforms a small and normal table into a huge giant’s table using media image equipments. Everything such as drawing hands and ordinary stuffs is enlarged on this table. The audiences could experience peculiar and amazing feeling as participation themselves during the performance. Imagination becomes reality with this journey.


The show is composed of 3 different pieces and 2 smaller scenes(called ‘Snack Time’) between the pieces. And for the last, the audience will jump into the Giant’s Table for themselves for ‘Audience Making the Show’!

▶ PART 1. PERFORMANCE (45 min.)

S#1. Giant’s Table

A man on the giant’s table has fun with hands of giant and his drawings.

S#2. Fire

The fire that the performer made becomes stars in the sky and flowers on the ground. As he tries to touch a flower, he is suddenly swept away by sandstorm. Now He is lying beside the fire just like right after a dream. All for this story is made by giant’s hands.

S#3. Father’s Table

Al father is always busy with so many works and meetings. This morning, he meets with a car accident because he hurries. At this moment, the fantastic world is presented. It portrays the reality and dream of father in the image of entrapped person on the giant’s table. This symbolizes our lives here.

Snack Times

Between S#1 and S#2, S#2 and S#3, the painter provides her works for everybody. The things like fruits, vegetables are born again by painter’s hand and they will give you unusual experience and so delicious snacks totally different from original.

▶ PART 2. Audience Making the Show! (25 min.)

The audience could stand on the giant’s table for themselves and make 3 different kinds of improvisation dramas by the help of giant’s hands